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Lady Gaga

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I cant believe I had a mind set change on this one.

Last night after Thanksgiving Dinner, with family, friends and kids over, my wife said she wanted to watch "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving Special" They had to tie me down to the chair on this one.

I have to admit this young lady is truely an incrediable talent with a vocal range beyond ones imagination. Live and off the cuff, she is unbelieveable. I now understand more about why she has created this image in her show buisness career.

"She might become America's Picasso," Bennett opined to the camera afterwards, keeping a careful eye on his slice of bread and on which side the butter has been spread.

She is unlikely to be Picasso – a point even Lady Gaga conceded – but she could well turn out to be something far more interesting than one might have expected of a woman whose debut album was primarily influenced by 90s Swedish dance band Ace of Bass". (As qutoed in the Guardian)

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She does have an excellent voice and apparently some talent.

I just wish she would turn off the sideshow and concentrate on the music but if she did that none of the kids would watch her videos I guess.

I tried watching her once and needed Dramamine almost immediately.

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I saw her interviewed on 60 Minutes a while back. I can remember when Madonna and Elton John got a lot of mileage with being extravagant. This seems to be what sells.


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I dont know how good she can sing, I never listen because I cant stand to look at her. , Elton john is very talented writer /singer but I had listen to his music before i ever saw him in all his garb... oh well to "each his own" hey was'nt that a song


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