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guitar for a 9 year old

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ronnie    4

my grand son wants to start learning to play guitar all my guitars are just to big for him to hold comfortably plus he will need one to keep at home, would a 3/4 size be suitable ? I want to get him an acoustic steel string, and want to get something thats playable and not something so cheap he will be to easily discouraged, at the same time I dont want to spend to much untill I know he is going to stick with, which i really hope he does, I would like to stay around $200. any suggestions ? I know he has the ear for music for i have already taught him a couple tunes on the harmonica. thanks for any advice


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micky mac    14

thats a nice present ronnie! i've been thinking the same for my daughter tried to show her a few chords lots of times but my getars are just to big for her i was thinking a bass guitar would be easier for her to learn and we could jam together but there biger again. hope you get a few good sudgestions and your grandson really takes to it.

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karcey    42

My choice would be nylon string.

I'd be taking him to a shop and trying guitars for size. The first year playing might determine whether or not he sticks with it, so the guitar should be the right size for now, not for later.

As he grows he'll likely have several guitars, so top quality isn't the most important factor now. Cheap no longer has to mean nasty, Ebay doesn't let you see the quality up front, which is why I prefer shops.

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eddiez152    129

This is always a tough one. I started out on a nylon myself. They usually sound great and of course today they come with electronics as well.

Ease of playing and added feature for big sound amplication could be a thing that could keep his interests up.

A couple years ago I gave one of my nefew an acoustic. later he moved on to a Les Paul.

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