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Were you ever "forced" to play an instrument?


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  1. 1. Have you?

    • Yes, I have and I am glad I was.
    • Yes, and I still feel horrible about it to this day.
    • My parents wern't into music.
    • No, learning any instrument was my own choice.

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JessThrasher    10

Have any of you been "forced" to play an insturment or join the school band when you were younger? Are you glad that you learned, or do you regret it?

My parents wanted me to play the piano since I was four. I went through the RCM system up to grade 8 practical and grade 2 theory. I'm glad that I learned the piano as well as theory, even though it was a long, frustrating process. It has definately made it easier for me to take up other instruments. My dad used to play violin in university, so he thought that it would be good for me to learn an instrument. Most of my cousins have learned the piano along with some other instruments.

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tinsmith    2

I had to play the Arp Synthesizer for the High School Christmas Show & just bombed. That would be 1972.....I don't play keyboard.....still. Although I have one.

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gasbag    54

I was "encouraged" to play the violin when I was in grade school. Making a grade school boy play a violin is like putting a "beat me up" sign on his back.

I learned to run very very fast. In the 6th grade I quit the violin and joined the track team. :escape:

It did teach me how to read music and learn some minor music theory. I didn't try anything else until I was 18. I became ill and bedridden for several months and my parents bought an acoustic guitar for me hoping to keep the boredom down a bit.

For some reason I can play much better when laying down.

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carol m    64

I answered parents were not interested in music, which is true, but the main reason I didn't learn any instrument was that the only choice was piano or violin and we didn't have either at home and no prospect of them.

Would have loved to learn guitar, even then, but that was unheard of - didn't even see a real life guitar until I moved to London after college - it was in a pawn shop and had 4 strings/pegs but I bought it anyway. No lessons or new strings though.

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