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pawn shop guitars

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ronnie    4

I stopped at a local pawn shop yesterday to check out the guitars, found a harmony soverign (sp) they were asking $200. I think I could get it for $100. is it worth it?

also found a vantage , not familiar with this brand it looks to be in good shape and plays pretty good , I dont know the model # but it is buit like maybe a dreadnought , it was $150. would like some input from you guys . I have good guitars so Im not looking for one to be my main guitar just thought about one to add to my collection


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starsailor    20

Hi Ronnie, both makes are interesting and price really depends on the model, as far as I know the most sought after Sovereign is the 1260 The Vantage is interesting as they were originally made by Matsumoku in Japan until the 80s after that they were made in Korea under the Samick banner.

This is a link to Harmony's site, the prices for Sovereigns and other acoustics are halfway down the page, I like this site, the guidelines for pricing a used instrument are worth following.


The Vantage really depends on what it is, the Korean ones are worth less used than the Japanese ones, it would be cool if it was Japanese. Bit hard to pin down a price for a Korean Vantage but here's a Japanese 12 string with the Vantage Sound by design label, if the one you saw has this it's probably a fair price. I saw a couple of other random price guides valuing the Vantage between $100 and $175 from a while back, they've probably gone up a bit since then but generally the acoustics are worth less than the electrics and it can also depend on what condition they're in as you know.


This is just info I've picked up in research Ronnie, hope it helps a bit :leadguitar:

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GotDeeBlues    3

Vintage Guitar 2010 Price guide lists Sovereign Jumbo and Jumbo Deluxe from '60's-'70's. Jumbo H1260 $450-$550 for '60's, $400-$500 '70's. Deluxe H1266 $475-$575 '60's and $450-$550 '70's. Only production dates for Vantage with no models listed. 1977- present, Japan '77-'90, Korea '90- present. The guide only lists High and low range for guitars in catagories like "budget", "intermediate", "Professional" etc. Asian Harmonies are Budget, Vantage Budget/intermediate. I like the guide, but use it with a LARGE grain of salt to get in the ballpark on a price. E-Bay is a great source quite often to find the current value of specific models.

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carol m    64

If you can get access to play them and hear what they sound and feel like, that might help you decide on what you are prepared to pay.

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