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Listen to your heart when buying a new axe

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This is my first real post on this site and his firmly aimed at the absolute beginner guitarist,do"s and donts so to speak,im a newby guitarist myself but have been playing bass for a few years and this info is priceless (Guitar or Bass)it really doesn"t matter.

When you join a guitar forum dont get sucked in by the gear snobs,trust me you will get them,dont listen to a word they say,think for yourself regarding what guitar you want to buy, we all cant afford Fenders,Ibanez,etc etc.

Go to your local music store and try out as many guitars as you want,the salesperson will let you do whatever you want,if they dont then walk away and shop elsewhere,its your hard earned money,i did this myself years ago when i was shopping for my first Bass, ive owned Fenders,Ibanez,Squiers,Rickenbacker,Yamaha basses etc etc and in all honesty the best bass i ever had was my dirt cheap Yamaha BBN4, i really miss that bass.

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Welcome to the forum and your first post. I thought we trusted our ears , hearts easily get broken. smile.gif

Welcome, ash.

Hey Eddie, this sounds like a great theme for a lyric.

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