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"The Guitar That Can Be Seen From Heaven"

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I did a search for this in the forums, but didn't find anything about it, so I thought I'd post it in the event any of you might find it interesting.

It's an article about a farmer in Argentina, Pedro Martin Ureta, now 70, who planted trees in the shape of a guitar as a loving tribute to his wife who died at the age of 25 in 1977.

It's taken from then to now for the trees that form the guitar to take root.

You can see a photo of the garden below and read the article here:


I look forward to hearing your responses.


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I know! Not to mention that he had the foresight to plant the trees (not just flowers) thirty to forty years before they would actually come to fruition. Kind of like the process of playing guitar and music - planting seeds that take years to take root but have the potential to last a lifetime and yield countless treasures.

Thanks for your comments.


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