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Opinions on a damaged guitar

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In my searching for a suitable guitar to start out with but on a tight tight budget, been looking at online classifieds. I found a Jasmine by Takamine ES-45C Acoustic-Electric Guitar but it has a crack in the binding of the back and in the photo can see the back lifting a bit away from the side. He is asking $200 OBO, stating it has not affected the sound. Just wondering what people think of this sort of thing...is this worth considering or will that problem slowly get worse if left unrepaired? Is it worth having it repaired if can get the guitar for a good enough price? Any thoughts appreciated.

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Jasmine guitars are inexpensive. Brand new they sell for $100-$200. A used one with problems is not worth much. Will it get worse? I can't say without seeing it in person, but it won't get better.

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i've played a "Jasmine" also damaged......nice guitar to play, i liked the neck :yes:

i don't think i'd pay $200 for a damaged one tho :no:

i'm pretty sure $200 is enough to buy a good budget guitar......here in Scotland £80-£100 would be enough for a good starter acoustic, Epiphone, Yamaha, Fender, Squire all do decent guitars in this price range, i wouldn't worry about getting electro acoustic either, an acoustic guitar is all you need if you're just starting to play/learn.


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