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getting better sustain

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Hi all, Im new here - and a novice guitarist looking to improve a few things with my rig.

Im playing a Marshall MG100 half stack with a crybaby. What I've heard is that by adding one or two distortion pedals, like the Ibanez tubscreamer ts909 or similar - that I'll get a significant increase in sustain. I wonder if anybody can coach me up on the do's and dont's for this trick before I go buy a house full of pedals to experiment with. The genre is commercial hard rock, and the tone I'm after is similar to a Ritchie Kotzen sound (maybe a little more aggressive.) Im playing through a string through jackson with seymour's in the s/s/h profile with 10's on it. I recognize that I cant sonically ask someone to define my tone for me...especially over a forum, but I'd like to hear what some of you have had success with in the arena of pedals. Thanks for taking it easy on the new kid, and best wishes.

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fly135    5

I have a Jackson with the S/S/H setup and a Floyd Rose. If yours has a Floyd Rose that can cut down on the sustain. Les Paul guitars have a reputation for good sustain. I just recently bought one after being impressed by that aspect. Distortion also adds to sustain because it saturates the amp into clipping the signal and the volume doesn't drop much until the signal drops out of clipping. So the more distortion, the more gain.

The EHX Germanium 4 is a good pedal for $100 because it has two distortion pedals in one and a good tone. Same with the slightly more expensive Visual Sounds Jekyll & Hyde. No sure exactly what tone you're looking for but both of those cover a lot of ground.

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lorsban    2

Besides distortion, look into adding a Delay pedal. Actually, with this, you don't have to use much distortion if you want to sustain your notes because Delay already gives that effect of prolonging the note itself. Try one out and experiment with the settings (there are a lot). If you listen to the guitar greats, you'll notice that they all use a delay of some sort (Satriani, Vai, Shawn Lane, Andy Timmons etc...).

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