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Epiphone pr5 question

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brokenbee74    0

Hey to all of you experts out there. I have a question for y'all. Well, maybe a couple. I got a hold of a Epiphone pr5 a few days ago. It was made in 95 at the Samick plant in Korea. This thing still has the original stickers on it. It looks as if the guy got it and kept it in the case and never opened it. My first question is, would it take a lot of work to lower the action on this thing? It seems to me that a simple truss rod adjustment just wont do it. You could fly a jet between the strings and fret board. NO, it plays well until you get up to the 12th, after that, does not sound good at all. I thought maybe the neck was warped, but I checked it and it seems great. The saddle and bridge seem way to high. #2. Next to the output jack (acoustic electric) there is another type of jack. It shows low z, it is an inset about as big as a nickle, and has three male prongs in it. What in the world is this for? I truly appreciate all that anyone can share with me about this guitar. Thanks a whole heapin bunch

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karcey    42

Looked into the PR-5 and had no luck finding a reference to the second jack. Let's see a pic, it might help with ID'ing it.

That socket would be an XLR3, probably retrofitted by someone who had a particular amp in mind. A few years ago most PA mics had these connections. Don't know what they have now because that's not my scene. I still have a couple of them though. Good mics for their day.

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GotDeeBlues    3

I figured it to be a retrofit, Karcey, since no review or the Epi site mentioned it. My first thought was it may have been like the stereo conection on the Epi B.B. King Lucile.

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