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My friend just gave me a Peavy Blazer 125(?) practice amp. It sounds decent and would be good for playing in a decent sized quiet setting...it gets pretty loud and I am sure it can be heard throughout the house. I'm actually surprised at it's clarity. The internals look prett simple. Just a speaker with two leads running to it bolted on the the housing. I'm probably goin to change the speaker out to a higher name brand and see how well it sounds...The grey thing is my dads Korg Pandora PX5 my dad let's me use.


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nice brian i just bought a vox vt20+ amp that sounds amazing i have a cube 30x to but i never play the cube anymore because the vox sounds soooooo good it only cost me 170 euros it has a tube in it and u can turn the watts down as low as you want and still have major overdrive its a plus for me as i have neighbours and kids u should try one yourself cool sound and no head phones even at night :guitarguy:

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