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A Recording Experiment

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I recently finished a recording experiment project and wanted to share it with you. It's a project recording my Taylor 714ce using various mic's and trying them out with my latest acquisition, a Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre, complete with audio files. Enjoy, and let me know of any comments or questions you might have.

Mic and Manley DOE

Thanks for listening,


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Aren't Taylor's the best? They just have 'the tone'!

Great job Steve - can't read through everything right now but it looks great. Will have some time a bit later on to do so!

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Yah, it was kind of meant to be over-the-top. Sort of there for folks who wanted to just spend some time with it all. Not really very easy to read as far as a quick browse thing. It's really meant for those who want to dig in more to the engineering aspect of recording.

Thanks for taking a look, though, Matt. And yes, Scotty, Taylors are the best!!! I'm getting ready to go visit their factory here in a couple of weeks. We're in AZ, right next door to southern CA, and Taylor is in the San Diego area. Me and my wife are going to take a quick weekend journey to Temecula, CA, wine country, and then dip a little further south and check out the Taylor factory and then head back home to Phoenix. I need to take the guitar in for some repairs (ding repair, refretting, humidification, etc.). And then we'll take the factory tour. Should be a blast!

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