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My latest amp purchase

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I picked this Crate Vintage Club 50 off Craigslist for $150. It sounds good, but has some volume flucuations, so I intend to go through it and replace the tubes, rebias, and perhaps anything else that looks suspicious. Plus give the tolex a good cleaning. Any suggestions on cleaning products is welcome. I was just planning to get vinyl cleaner from the auto parts store.

It's one heavy mofo. 3x10 cabinet.


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Fixed the volume issues. I removed the circuit board and found the solder connections on both the input jack and volume pot had cracks. Just reheated and reflowed the solder joints. I have a Fender Pro Jr that was making hissing noises that built up to a loud pop overf time. It had exactly the same problem, cracked solder joints on the volume pot.

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