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Eleven Rack by Avid

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I purchased an Avid Eleven Rack awhile ago but am now just beginning to dive into the vast possibilities it seems to present. So far, I'm quite happy with it's functionality and sounds, and its capability to utilize the ProTools format, which I have been using for a number of years, is an added plus.

My guitars: a Les Paul Deluxe, a Fernandes Telecaster, and a Hondo Precision Copy fitted with James Jamerson LaBella strings, all sound good through the interface, and I'm looking forward to using my 1978 Princeton Reverb to integrate the "re-amping" feature of the unit.

Not yet sure yet which mic to use for mic my Gibson Hummingbird, but for now am using my old stand-by SM 57, and will continue to try out other mics as time goes on.

I look forward to filling you in on my latest experiments with the Eleven Rack as I become more familiar with its features and functionality, and would love to hear any comments, input, or feedback from any other fellow forum users regarding the piece.

Thanks to all,


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I haven't tried it, but it looks interesting

Would like to hear your feedback once you have had a chance to get into it

Will do, Scotty. So far, I have nothing but good things to say about it and nothing

at all that makes me regret buying it. I'll update as I gain experience with it.

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That's a great setup there Chris, i"m looking forward to hearing some of your music.

Thanks for the invitation, Carol. I look forward to the day when I've created music that I feel good enough about to play publicly.

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