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action on classical guitar

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I understand that classical guitars do not have a truss rod, is there any to adjust the action? it is ok at the nut but is to high on down the neck . it is a cheap guitar but has a pretty good tone, the intonation sounds good, is there any hope for this guitar.


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It's relatively easy - you slacken the strings, slide the saddle (white) out and sand it down on sandpaper tying to keep the angle to the paper square/level - have the sandpaper on a block of wood, or have the sandpaper on a hard surface and apply even pressure on the saddle. It's a good idea to decide how much you want to take off and rule a straight pencil line across the saddle so you know how far you've sanded down. The good news is that you can get replacement saddles very cheaply - maybe a good idea to buy a second one first, keep the original as-is, and sand the new one. So if it doesn't work out so well you still have the untouched original.

I've done it, so it can''t be too difficult. There are recommended string clearances for classicals which skinnybloke put in a post somewhere, you could do a search for the thread if you're interested in the high tech way to do it - maybe in his 'Renovating an old Favorite' thread - that might not be the exact title, but it was last year sometime.

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