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Acoustic or electric?

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gray_shadow    0

First off, I am certainly not new to the music world. I have played piano for 4 years and trumpet for 3 years also. My budget is $200 and I want to get started. I will probably end up buying both but which one is good for someone like me with prior musical background and a budget of $200. I have a gut feeling I will be using the electric more since I want to get involved with my churches praise and worship team.

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karcey    42

G'day Gray_Shadow, welcome to the forum.

You may realise that you've provided precious little information about your situation, but here's my interpretation.

The church already has a group of musicians, and you can see that there's a space for you to join them with an electric. Great! Buy one. Don't go for one of these package deals you see so often. Get a good quality electric guitar that feels good in your hands. In case you haven't realised it, guitars can feel different. Some you will like, some you won't be so keen about. It's not the colour so much, or the name on the headstock. It's the shape of the neck, how it feels when you wrap your fingers around it, the weight, the balance, (does it feel like it's falling away from you or is it snug against your body?), and of course is it the right size for you. After you handle a few you might appreciate that some feel worse than others. Some will feel like it's going to be a battle to hold it and move your hands at the same time.

A guitar that feels like it belongs to your body is going to be easiest to learn on.

Now in the early months you won't be able to pick the difference between a $150 guitar and a $15,000 one. So it's fair to say at this stage that you don't really know what you like best. So don't go overboard with the most expensive instrument you can afford. Leave room to buy something that really turns you on when you have the experience to pick the difference. Just get one that feels good, and then start saving for one that you'll covet when your skill increases.

Amps can be had from eBay, so can headphones and tuners. And generally at better savings than a package can offer.

Whatever you learn on, your skills will transfer to other styles of guitar as you get the urge. We can but hope that one day you'll be telling us you've got a collection of guitars and play them all.

In the meantime I have to say, some of the products of the big names are rubbish. If you want to be happy, make sure you love the feel (not the look, or the name on the headstock) of the one you buy. Takes time but it's worth it in the end.

Keep in touch.

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fretmusic20    0


If I were you, I better choose acoustic rather than electric guitar, one thing I recommend acoustic to you is because I love the tune coming from it. And also you have only a limited budget so choose wisely, we all know that acoustic guitar is slight affordable unlike electric.

Good Luck..


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GotDeeBlues    3

For Praise/worship, I would suggest a good used acoustic/electric which can be found in your price range very easily. If your church has a PA, you can plug into that to start without buying an amp.

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Briandb1222    4

I play my electric in our church band, and we also have an acoustic player. So perhaps if they have an electric then you could add the acoustic too it, which really makes a great sound when added to the rest...otherwise I would suggest an electric. I play rhythm whilst our acoustic plays lead. Really sounds great. Te first time i practiced with them the rest of the band members really noticed the difference of sound with the electric versus acoustic alone, whilst even with two acoustics youncould still add some depth in there like they did with the unplugged version of Hotel California.

It's all about your preference though, and the preference of your band leader on what they really need in the band.

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