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My Current Pedalboard

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I had not changed my pedal board in quite some time, and recently changed the lineup.

Nothing like some new toys to jump start a rut of non creativity.

Latest Board


Old board




Cheers, Jeff

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I wish i was rolling in that type of equipment. Very nice setup. I'm really feeling the rack. Whats on it?

Hi SweetPicker,

Top to bottom in the rack

Furman FL plus line conditioner

Eventide H-3000 D/SE

Digitech GSP 2101 upgraded to the higher specs

TC Electronics Fireworx

TC Electronics G-Force with G-card My favorite piece used in conjuction with my Ground Control pedal board

I bought this and the midi board from a hot west coast guitarist named Marc Seal.

Digitech Studio-5000

Digitech IPS 33-B This unit does up to 5 part harmonies, intellegent harmonies, reverbs and has the exact same chips in it that are in the Digitech Whammy one. Have you seen the prices on these the last few years. For a fraction of the cost, you can buy one of these on the bay, along with a expression pedal and do everything the Whammy one does plus tons more. 256 presets. Very cool. Joe used one of these for years.

Chandler Stereo Digitil Echo. I have two of these. One set for a shorter delay and one set for a longer one. Together they have fantastic sound. More analog sounding to my ears than digital.

Peavey 231 FX EQ.

Cheers, Jeff

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now that is allot of toys.

I get confused enough with my little modeling amp.

Can't wait till i have the skill to put such things to good use

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the kind comments gents.

Owning is one thing but this boy can play and I mean play. Jeff, been awhile since your last tune, get some out there. Light'em up.eddie

Your too kind Eddie. I usually think I suck more often than not. I occasionally confirm how much I suck by watching yet another 3 year old guitarist on youtube hand me my hat. lol. I do appreciate your kind words and will try to find something to post.

Nice rig. I'm seriously starting to make my own rig and I'm leaning between stompboxes or a rack mounted setup. Which has worked best for your needs?

Hi SweetPicker, My suggestion is to hold off on getting the rack gear just yet. The cost far exceeds the slight sound quality difference you could get. There are pedals that will do the same, and which are much less costly. There are also multi-effects pedals like the Boss GT10 or the Line 6 Pod X3 Live that will do multple effects. These offer quite a variety of effects without breaking the bank. Start with a few pedals and work your way up from there. The type of pedals would depend on the type of music you like to play. Overdrive, distortion, delay, wah, reverb, chorus and flange are a few basic pedals that are useful for widening your tonal palate, but do not mistake these for what really matters, and that is good old fashion practice. This is a mistake many of us make, myself included, in that we are always looking for that special piece of gear that will transform our playing to new levels. There is a small bit of truth to that, but only for coloring the sound. The real work is done with countless hours of practice. The good news is, that in todays www, there is an endless supply of material to make this much easier than when I first picked up a guitar. This forum is a perfect example.

Cheers, Jeff

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