Mixolydian Country Lines

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If scales and modes with Ancient Greek names worry you...don't let them! Forget the names for now, and simply know that the following lines are simply meant to be played against a dominant 7th chord. They would work very well in a country context, but I use the same concepts in rock, blues and jazz all the time.

And even though I am primarily using the mixolydian mode, I have still allowed for some chromatic (non-scale) tones to enter the examples to create a little more 'spice'.

Line 1.


Line 2


And in this line I am using my middle finger, right hand, to pluck the notes on the 1st string, and my pick to play any notes on the 3rd.

Line 3


In case you really want to know, this scale is sometimes called the 'bebop dominant', and if you didn't want to know that don't lose any sleep over it!

The addition of the major 7th tone places the chord tones 'on the beat' as the line is played. Listen to Charlie Parker for many more ideas like this.

Line 4


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