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Tried to use a couple of contact links to point to a page error. No joy. Said I had to be in a User Group. So I'll post my comment here it here:

Re: http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/restring.html

Both Nylon String videos (Headstock & Bridge) duplicate an overall presentation on what's available on the GB&B site. Neither address restringing a classical guitar. Thought the webmaster might like to know.

And is it possible to just pay for the GP tab from the Masterpiece series. That's what I learn best from. Just curious. If that option is not available I can live with it.

Thanks. GB&B is numero uno for learning guitar and new tunes. I pass on to my students much that I've found here, especially the very concise, simple theory explanations.

Larry G.

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Duh! Sorry, Kirk. My bad! Didn't relize the movies were pay to view. Should have read more of the verbiage before I clicked on the links. I'll bet the links would work just fine had my ducks been in order.

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