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Matching Chords To A Tune

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jimsea789    0

I need some help. I was preparing for a church retreat when a simple tune popped into my head based on the theme: Jesus, Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom.

Anyway, I came up with a simple little refrain and even a few possible verses, but even though I can sing them (sort of), when I tried to match guitar chords to it I can't seem to figure out even where to begin. Any idea how to go about it?

I'll send a little snippet of me singing the refrain and possibly a verse or two (accapella) so you can hear the tune.



Jesus Remember Me my version3.mp3

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allthumbs    8

Start the same way would as if you were looking for the chords to a tune you heard.

Sing the first word and find the note on your guitar that matches it. That is your root chord. Then do a search through the theory lessons for the chords in each key. A very common chord progression is I,IV,V. meaning the first, fourth and fifth chord in a key. Alternately, listen carefully to where your voice changes over a passage. That is a hint that you have changed chords. Good luck

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Kirk Lorange    128

Hi, jimsea789.

I just had a bit of a play along and found that C to G7 to Am back to G7 worked well for the refrain. You could move to the darker sounding Am and Em for the verses. Play around with C - F - G7 - Am and Em, you'll find the right progression.

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