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Hi Kirk,

I found your lesson "Sugar Loaf -- Bossa Nova Lession" on Youtube and after that I just had to register here and start practising it. Thank you very much for it, I spent the whole weekend training it!! :) I found another nice piece of bossa nova from you in youtube, called Boss à Lorange... I think that somebody has already asked this, but is there any chance that you could make tabs of it?? I really appreciate your work!! :)

And are there maybe coming more bossa lessions in the future...?

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Hi, larssi, I'm glad you're enjoying the lesson. As for Boss à Lorange ... I'll need to dust that one off and have another look at it. I wrote it over a couple of days years ago and haven't revisited it for a long time. It's quite complex, but I will get to it asap. I need to finish it off!


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