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Ngd! Xv-900 Semi-Hollow With Pics!

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I just got this in yesterday. It's amazing!









Very sweet 335. I just got one almost just like it but mine is a 12 string Starfire. Looking at your and mine, they are nearly the same. I will post pics of mine after I'm done with my upgrades.


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Thanks. I think I'm going to leave mine alone for the time being. Well, actually I will probably swap out the knobs that are on it right now for the black Gibson-style knobs at GFS. I'm thinking it might bring out a little more contrast.

As for the pups, they're probably a little too hot for someone just wanting to play blues and jazz stuff. But I play a wide range of stuff, so the pups are great for a little bit of blues and they really kick butt playing rock and country. Very nice sounding.

I removed the strings that came on it last night. I took some time and really worked the fretboard over with some tung oil. It was very dry and ashy colored. Now it's a beautiful chocolate color and feels a lot better too. I put some new Ernie Balls on it and it's playing twice as good as it was. This thing is really a lot of fun! And easy on the eyes too. But maybe I just have a thing for semi hollows...

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It plays really well. The neck has a very thin D contour, which fits exceptionally well with my small hands. The frets have been leveled and crowned and whoever did the work did a fine job! I conditioned the fretboard last night was some tung oil and put some new strings on it and it's wonderful.

The guitar really sounds great too. The pups are pretty hot, but they've got a great full and balanced sound. It's really a very versatile little guitar.

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