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A nice loop to slide too.

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Eddie, Chrispy ... here's a shot I took from the plane heading to Canada last month showing most of the harbor. That young girl Jessica Watson arrived back yesterday through 'The Heads' marking the end of her 23,000 mile solo journey, then sailed up to the Opera House where a huge crowd awaited.

The bay at the top of the picture with the two airport runways jutting into it, is Botany Bay, where Captain Cook first landed in 1770.

Clancy and I lived for a few years in the foreground, a suburb called Manly, used to spend quite a lot of time at the beach there. Lots of people who live in Manly commute to the city on the ferry, which is a wonderful way to start and end the working day. It takes about 35 minutes.

Famous Bondi Beach is there, but there are at least a dozen others, all within a short drive of downtown.

A beautiful setting for a city, isn't it?


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Just a plane ride away, Eddie ... a long one, but you could be there relaxing on that beach by next weekend if you really want to. I'll come down and hang out with you, show you around.

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I think I'm somewhere just above the B of Bridge. It's a bit cool and drafty at the beach these days - spring would be better unless you like it hot.

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Chrispy - we have a spare room most of the time - when are you due in????? I believe you offered yours to me once? I haven't been able to make it to Sweden lately, but may be one day.

Thanks Carol that would be great to have a place to start the exploring from, with a guide as well:yes:

We'll see when and were;)

I'm just back from a few days out at my summerhouse in the woods.

It's been fantastic weather and i've been taking alot of photos this weekend.

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