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Axes.... 2004 epiphone les paul standard. 1994 mim telecaster. late 90's wadburn d-10 acoustic. mid 90's yamaha fg-160.

Amps.... line 6 spider jam. 15 watt, all tube, true spring, Fender blues jr.

Peavey unity series 1000, 8 channel.

shure sm58 mic for vocals

shure sm57 mic for amp mic

jimmy hendric jh-1 wha wha pedal, mxr phase 100, mxr distortion plus

lexicon Lambda recording interface w/ cubase software

and everything Hendrix i can find


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Really nice set up jimmy - is that your real name by luck? If not, well who cares, but it would be nice if it was. I see you have a tamborine just like mine - I haven't let mine loose yet - death by tamborine is one of it's risk factors and I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.

Got any notches on yours yet? :)

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my real name , like my grandfathers is James. everyone called him Jim, so in turn they called me jimmy since i was born , lucky for me hahahaha kinda cool i guess, short of being named jimmi Hendrix.

although hendrix's name was james to just like mine.

And no injuries to report on the tamborine as of yet hahahaha.

had a great jam session with a few friends last night

music is always better with friends:guitardude: :yeahhh:

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