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Here's a cover of one of the biggest hits from Three Dog Night.

Youtube: YouTube - Never Been To Spain

To make it into a format that Youtube accepts, I use Windows Movie Maker software. Unfortunately, it changes the sound of my ride cymbal at the beginning and end to a weird outer-space sound, but I left it in anyway.

For a better fidelity (MP3) check out:

JohnnyDee46's Music | Ultimate-Guitar.Com

I used to sing this in the 70's, but one key higher, in E, but I can't hit the high notes anymore.

This is in D, so just for fun I tuned the rhythm guitar down to D (standard tuning, everything one whole tone lower).

Since I play almost all bar chords, key of D (in normal tuning) either puts the D chord way up the neck or I use the A-shape D chord on the 5th fret. Or I capo 2 and play D chord like open C chord, but in the latter two choices, the notes are not in the sequence I prefer for this song. So this was a way to have the D chord be low in tones and have the notes in the sequence I like.


This was a special song in the barroom days. Here's why:

After a previous song, there's always a murmur as people get off/on the dance floor, have a drink, chat, etc. Then the murmur slowly drops off when the next song starts and they start to dance again. However, with this, as soon as I sang 'Well I Never Been To Spain' (over the PA set at 'locomotive' volume) the murmur just stopped cold. It was just so mesmerizing that they started feeling it right away. I don't know how to explain it very well - it used to give me goose bumps when that happened.

Anyway enough of the talk about the old days from the old guy, take a listen and hope you enjoy it.


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Cool song Johnny, you really excelled on this one, nicely played and sung, and a passionate performance, you can tell this is a special song to you when you hear it, great stuff:claping: :winkthumb:

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Thanks for listening folks, one of my favorite songs from the 70's.

Used 4 different keyboard settings on this (pan flute - intro/outro, keybass, 'pipe organ' - chords, 'electric piano' - instrumental solo), got the dust off the keyboard for sure.....

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