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okay here is another little bit im working on

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all right i've got some partial lyrics i'm working on and an idea for the song i'll upload. now when you listen to the song keep in mind i CAN NOT sing at all lol. soooooo here goes. here are some of the lyrics ...

She's got jet black hair and them baby blue eyes

and a devious smile to hide all of her lies

She's a hot to trot momma, she's the queen of the night

when she wraps here arms around you , better hold on tight

It's hot wild ride, she'll leave you beggin for more

but she's gone in the morning with the slam of the door

I'm tellin you brother she's leather and lace

She's the devil undercover with an angels face

01 Track 1.mp3

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I like the lyrics. You need to up the volume of the vocals and add some rhythm guitar to fill it in a bit more.

lol the vocals are quiet for a reason. I cant sing for nothing. I'm better at just coming up with ideas than actually putting a whole song together . my guitar playing is very infant. But if you like you can run with it. Love to hear my ideas come to life.

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That's pretty good Johnny - don't worry about the vocals, there's nothing that a bit of reverb and multitracking can't fix. Nice drum track too - what do you use?

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Thanks Carol. The drum track is just a drum loop off the multi effect peddle I use. Its a digitech multi effects. Use audacity to record with makes it easy for me just plug in the USB chord from the peddle and I'm recording lol. Anything more technical than that on the recording and I'm lost lol. I was gonna do ore with this but just don't have the know how. :confused:

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