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Ed Roman Guitars

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shonie777    3

I am starting to build (not make) my own electric guitars and came across Ed Roman Guitars the other day while searching for quality guitar bodies. I've poked around his site before quite awhile back, but never really took a good serious look through his web site until late yesterday afternoon up until about 1am this morning. Yeah, that web site had me that glued.

I must say I'm quite empressed with what he sells and his own line of guitars (Roman) and I was especially empressed with his "Rants Page". I don't agree with everything he states but, there is some very good information in there that I never really thought about when it comes to guitars. I highly recommend reading it. It's blunt and strait to the point on quite few areas.

It changed my outlook on quite a few things guitar related. I'm not one to flame anyone about guitars brands, it all comes down to personal choice and what you're happy with. I strongly believe in quality and honesty when it comes to guitar manufactures. That's just me.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has purchased any of his products like guitars, parts, bodies, etc and what was your experience like?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback that anyone may have.


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Dewy    0

I'd have to say, anyone generating that much hate and not being thrown in jail... must be something unpopular very well.

I do appreciate the beauty of some of the instruments on the page... prices not so much.

The rants are fun and I can attest to some of them as accurate to my knowledge.

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bugly    0

As I said earlier I have no personal experience with ER however his published views do tend to horrify me - he builds up his expertiece by belittling competitors - not something that goes down well with me.

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solidwalnut    5

I actually went as far as building the guitar in my mind when I was shopping for my PRS. Then I discovered what an irreputable guy he was. Thinking that you can build something better and not being graceful about it is one thing. Building a reputation for ripping off people is something that I can't live with.

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