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Kirk's Lessons

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eddiez152    129

Been very busy here in my normal business routine so its been a little while since I have down loaded some of the purchased lessons.

Kirk they are outstanding. And have come a long way since I first joined. I especially love the top view from the players perspective and the moving fret board dots.

I notices that the dots even have there own vibrato and tone appearance. I don't know how you do it and I do know that takes a lot of time on your part. Thanks for making them so great.

eddie :winkthumb:

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Kirk Lorange    128

Hi, Eddie ... thanks for the feedback. Yes, it's pretty time consuming, putting those dots in. Many think I have a software program that does it automatically, but I don't; they all go in by hand.

Cheers, old chum. :winkthumb:

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