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A slight bit of GAS

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I have experienced a great deal of improvement in my playing this year and decided to treat myself to a couple of new guitars. The Ibanez bass has been mine for quite some time and the Washburn is the acoustic that I learned on but I purchased the Seagull Performer this month as well as the Epiphone by Gibson Strat type electric. The Seagull is a very nice acoustic and is the guitar that I play most of the time. I enjoy Bluegrass so acoustic is my guitar of choice but I picked up the Epiphone just to satisfy my electric guitar curiosities.


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Lots of truth in that. I have seen improvement in the short time that I have owned the Seagull which is a much better guitar than the Washburn. It sounds better and plays easier. My speed has improved and that is very important if you want to play Bluegrass.


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