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Kirk Lorange

New Lesson - The Twelve Days of Christmas

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I was racking my brain trying to think of a carol I haven't turned into a lesson yet and and this one popped to mind. The more I noodled away at (having listened to a dozen versions on YouTube) the more it seemed right as a lesson.

There's nothing difficult about any of the parts, but stringing them together in the right sequence every time is a real challenge. It's an '├ętude', a study ... so dig in and study! I had to to, get this take.


Merry Christmas, fellow twangers; I wish you all the best for the the holiday season and 2010. Shucks! 2011 too!

You've got about twelve days to get this down, as it happens. Make 'em all sit up and listen after Christmas dinner.

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This lesson is great - it's not hard, I'll be able to play it once I've memorised it all. I like the colours - very festive.

A quick primer for the words is this Aussie version - 2 guys on the way to the pool to cool off on a hot Christmas Day.

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The high resolution movie is great - colour coded snowflakes no less - and a lyric prompter, also colour coded. And the free Tux app works perfectly with the gp4 file.

And Merry Christmas to you too, Kirk, Clancy and Georgia, and thanks for all the good work you put in to keep us happily twanging away year after year. :winner:

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