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Kirk Lorange

Tux Guitar ... a free Guitar-Pro clone

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Good news everyone. TuxGuitar is an open source program, basically a clone of Guitar-Pro and it's FREE! it opens GP files, so anyone who has bought the downloadable lessons can now open the GP files I include in the folders without having to buy Guitar-Pro. They've had a pretty good run, I reckon. I guess they're not at all pleased to see this.

I only gave it a quick test run so I'm not sure if there are any bugs, but it did open and play the GP files I did for my lessons here. Give it a whirl.

Check it out here: Download :: TuxGuitar

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It was easy to load one of Kirk's bought lessons into Tux - just click on the gp4 file in the lesson download and it loads automatically into the Tux app. Press play and it works, no problem.

No need to open the app and try to import a tab or other file, just do it from inside the bought lesson.

If you try to compose something in Tux, it gets more complicated, but you don't need to use it for that. It's use with a lesson is that you can see the notes or tabs as they are played, and I think you can slow the speed down - but I haven't done that yet. You can also have a fretboard visible with the notes played highlighted, and you can switch it to lefty if you want.

It's very similar to using the tef file system when used for playback.

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