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Heartbreak blues

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Go with the flow and say what you want, pats or punches appreciated! :winkthumb:

The beaten pathway leads in circle's

Down a valley called long lost love

The damp air hangs heavy full of sorrow

Ghostly gray clouds block the stars above

Its a long hard night in this forest

A misty fog swirls across the ground

Spirit shadows dance in the moonlight

With distant howls from a devilish hound

Winds whisper soft through the tree-tops

A rendition of the heartbreak blues

Its melody and harmony

Sung to those who've paid the dues

Lost in the darkness of torn up dreams

Keep searching a way out from with-in

This land of the weary has a rule

True love is a game you never win

The heartbreak blues get a hold of you

Every time that love slips away

When love is lost you pay the cost

That's the price if you want to play

edit: no layout or defined chorus...just shootin them out while I can. anyone wanna run with it...feel free.

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Some good lines there Kenny - dark and atmospheric. Any musical ideas for it? You could easily decide to make any of those verses into the bridge and/or chorus if you wanted to later. That's a good nite's work, now time for :sleep1:

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Thanks Carol & LOL, it was getting on in time last nite/this morning, been in a rut lately of only sleeping 3 or 4 hours at a time...maybe my body figures as old as I'm getting it better try and enjoy whats left...lol

Again, no music in mind for this, the structure of verses gives me away I'm learning...when I have a tune in mind, and use biab or simple strumming as a helper to flush them out, they seem more lyrical than these with no tune thoughts and look to me more like poetry. Which is cool to me, means one can imagine them probably in any manner/genre they wish. Hopefully, even with the limited participation we have in these threads, someone out there gets inspired enough to attempt laying them out in some sort of musical direction. I don't know, but you can tell from my reply that I like to write ;)

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Great Poem Kenny, put to music it could be great lyrics. What kind of music do you hear with this piece?

Thanks Knight, really can't point my finger towards anything particular atm, if you have any ideas and want to take a shot at it...be my guest, would love to hear it!

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Good job on the lyrics Kenny.What did I tell you that you are on fire?Am I right or am I right :) ?Keep up the good work...

All the best,


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