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Random Strumming Pattern Generator

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The Random Chord Progression Generator is a Java Applet that generates random strumming patterns. You need to have the latest version Java installed (download from Java Downloads - Sun Microsystems) and have Java enabled in your Internet browser.

Strumming Pattern Generator V1.0

(See also Random Chord Progression Generator)

The random strumming pattern generator was suggested by one of my guitar students after I showed him the chord progression generator I made. This program is based off an exercise I go through on paper with my guitar students, so I just automated it in a computer program. The exercise helps them get comfortable being able to play different/complex strumming patterns and improve timing and counting while playing and it can also be used as a creative tool to figure out new rhythms that you may not have thought of for a new song.


This program is very straight forward:

* The top row maps out each beat and shows how to count them.

* The second row shows how to strum each beat:



* The third row is where the progression is generated and a red "X" will appear on the beats that are played. The beats without an "X" under them are not played.

Since it is random you may get useless patterns once in a while (for example, a strumming pattern that only has one strum in it) so just keep going until you get something you like.


GENERATE: Generates the strumming pattern.

8th Note/16th Note: Changes the note values in the strumming pattern.

If you have any suggestions for features you'd like to see added and/or come across any bugs in the program please let me know.

Hope you enjoy it!!


If you can't get the Strumming Pattern Generator to load here are some things to try:

1) As mentioned above, you must have Java installed on your machine and enabled in your browser. You can download the latest version of Java at Java Downloads - Sun Microsystems.

2) If you get an empty square with a red X in the upper left hand corner, right-click on the empty box and open the Java console. When the console opens, clear the classloader cache by pressing the "X" key on your keyboard. You may also need to close and reopen the browser.


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