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carol m

ASIO drivers and Sampling Rates

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Thanks for trying Knight. As I suspected I had the wrong starting letter - I had MacLean instead of Burgess, which made the answer Bogus and besides,who would have known that a Drop leaved table was called a Gateleg - which gave the G of bogus. :dunno:

And...I'm seriously off topic here, so over and out on the crossword thing.

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Post script: Today I took this MAudio Mobile Pre that has crashed my PC many times (and my mac twice) back to the supplier for checking.

I told the guy my tale of woe and he said "Let's check it out then.......".

Clearly he likes to live dangerously, although (as he said later) his iMac, which was set up with an impressive array of very expensive hardware toys attached to it, isn't actually his.

At first he described it as strangely 'slow' on Logic and also on GarageBand. Then it crashed his iMac and he couldn't force-quit GarageBand or Logic. Then he couldn't eject the disc. So he successfully reproduced all the errors it has done to me over the last few months in about 20 minutes. I guess that takes experience.

I did a not-so-quick tour of the guitars while he tried to sort himself out and then went and asked him to do the paper-work so I didn't have to hang around any more.

I suggested that if it gets replaced I would like to change it for a decent mic but he said "No, it would cost me my job". So I said that was not a big price to pay...... but I guess I caught him at a bad time. :)

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Hope they give you a new one Carol......then you can Ebay it and get a mic!

Lol to your response to... "No, it would cost me my job"

I guess we all live dangerously in our various ways. Selling it on ebay is my plan exactly, Skinny. I wonder if he's still there trying to get the disc out of his computer. I wrote down the serial number so I'll know if it's a new one or only a repair. Either way I'm not going to plug it in again. And I'll only re-sell it if it's a new one.

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