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So long, Call me sometime

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No comments necessary...This is just a type of therapy

Self-therapy.... Ha, that probably explains alot about me

The Lord, took my Father, today

In answer, to words, that I prayed

He washed away Dad's pain,

Yet I'm drowning in the rain,

Happy and sad, which do I choose, to portray

I can taste, the salty tears, in my beer

My Dad's, passed onto, a new frontier

I knew this time would come,

Yet my mind is so damn numb,

I guess, I'm not as tuff, as I appear

I stood crying, like a baby left unfed

That goodbye's, the hardest one, I've ever said

Though I know it's for the best,

My heart can't catch it's breath,

My feet and legs, seem like they're, made of lead

Pardon me, if I slip-off, somewhere alone

But these tears, they won't stop, on their own

I just need him to say

Once again "It'll be OK"

Until then, I'll be here, waiting by the phone

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So sorry to hear about your loss. Your lyrics are straight from the heart and I hope therapeutic for you.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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