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$300 Hollowbody

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As promised in my thread announcing my return, here's more details and a little sound-bite of my new baby.

It's a Guitar Research Eddie Durham 100th Anniversary Electric Hollowbody. Apparently made in 2006 in limited numbers. In fact, searching online has not lead me to any other guitars by Guitar Research, just cases. I can't even find a web site for the company, which I find very odd. Anyone have any info on this company? Just curious. Anyway, the details:

Neck, back, side, and top are all maple. The salesman assured me that it's actual maple, not laminate, and by the sound of it I'm inclined to believe him; it sounds a LOT better than the Epiphone hollowbodies they had for twice the price.

Fretboard is rosewood with Pearloid fret markers (I assume pearloid means "fake mother of pearl")

21 medium frets

2 company made humbuckers, with 3-way switch and 2 volume and 2 tone pots.

Tune-o-matic style adjustable saddles mounted on a moveable bridge.

Brass floating tailpiece.

The acoustic sound of this guitar is great, so good that I hope to someday stick a transducer in it for an additional sound option. Yes, I know that electric hollowbodies are not intended to be played as though they were acoustics, but it sounds good that way so sue me. :P The humbuckers have a bit more bass response than I like, but for now I can correct it with an eq. Maybe when I have the cash I might replace them with a pair of TV Jones Classics. Maybe not.

Of the 3 guitars in the apartment (this one, my strat, and my gf's SG), this one has instantly become my favourite. It feels right in my hands, it's easy to play, and I think it's beautiful. Pictured below with the pickguard removed because I think she looks better like that and I don't use a pic anyway.


The cat mainly likes the case.RioInCase.jpg

Here is an mp3 of my playing the very first part of John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom", first on the neck pup, then the same again on the bridge. Please forgive the horrible playing, any pain you experience is entirely my fault, not the guitar's.

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Thanks all!

what is it with cats in cases? mine can hear me open a case from the other end of the house and will race down to get in before i can close it.

I don't know, Lori. He's only recently started doing this. With my strat case he only gets in it about 50% of the time, but the hollowbody case he dives in immediately.

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I'd like to have a guitar like that (don't need the cat) but I fear that in Oz the price would be a bit higher. Well bought.

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Hi Sentry. That's a nice looking guitar, so nice that my first thought was,"I'd like to have one of them", then I looked at my own Ashton slim hollow body. It's virtually identical, just a bit different on the tail peice and cutaway. I wouldn't mind betting they were made by the same company. Tony. :wheelchai


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