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My new Fender

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Picked this up at Guitar Center on Saturday morning. Saw it listed online for $100 and figured a solid top at that price was worth a look.

When I got to the store it had a price tag of $399 on it so I freaked out. Had the sales guy run a price check on it and it came out at $100. I played it for about an half hour and the deal was made. I also bought a stand for it, so it can sit right next to the couch and be available at all times.



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LOL the sales guy said it went for over $500 new, so I guess it was a steal deal. Gonna do some recording as soon as this weather cools down a bit. Was over 90 all weekend.

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Wow, that is a great deal! Looks like a very nice guitar. Can't wait to hear it now.

I had a similar experience with purchasing Soundforge 9. Someone told me it was around $400. I found a Canadian site that was selling it for $179, so I phoned and ordered it. Because it was a telephone purchase, they had to charge my VISA right away. Good thing I did, because when they put the P.O. through, they realized it had gone up in price. However, since I had paid for it, they had to give it to me for the internet listed price. It was definitely my lucky day.

Enjoy that new guitar!


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