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Re-writing lyrics to popular songs.....

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I couldn't find a title that says what this is about, so here's the long version.

Remember the show Whose Line is it Anyway? Remember the black comedian, Wayne Brady? He was wonderful at improv while singing. That's what I like to do, or that's at least the kind of lyric re-writing that interests me. I have done that my whole life to commercial jingles on the TV, etc.....but just bits and pieces, never an entire song.

I like the humorous stuff, sorta like Tom Rush's "

" or whatever the correct title. At my age there is plenty about which to create humorous lyrics, and Tom's rendition gets my juices flowing!

Anyway, I want to start putting some of that down on paper, but I do not write music, and have no plans to ever publish anything. I just like fouling around with that stuff. I am basically an old folk-type guitar player doing 3-5 chord songs and remaining quite happy for now doing that.........

My questions are:

-what is this "process" or "genre" of lyric re-writing called?

-If anyone else does this, where do you get your inspiration, that is choosing an existing song, then finding a new 'topic'

for it, then finding the new lyrics?

Thanks for any ideas, ya'll.

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Hi OGM, if I'm reading your post right the Genre your talking about is Parody which isn't technically covered by copyright law as far as I know, it's the kind of thing Weird Al Yankovic does, he always asked permission from the Artist out of respect though. You can change the lyrics to any song if you want to and it is good fun, just off the top of my head.

The Beatles song yesterday

Yesterday, thought all my troubles

We're here to stay

But now they're not

Because you've gone away

I'll never miss, yesterday

You can do it with any song as for writing the lyrics, you just have to run with your sense of humour, some songs especially love songs are just begging to be parodied, just have fun with the words, play around and put new ones in and if it makes you laugh it's worked, hope this helps a little bit and that I'm in the right ball park.

Best Wishes


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I would take a few moment and read ....

Am I Right - Parody Song Writing Tips


At the same, for those who wish to write lyrics at all, rewriting a song with your own lyrics is an excellent practice tool. There is nothing wrong in doing so. Writing lyrics, "good lyrics", is no easy task. And for those just starting out, writing lyrics to others music alleviates the pressure to create a melody while honing your writing skills.

Keep in mind too, not all lyricists are musicians. Not all musicians are lyricists.



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Like the song Feelings,

re-titled Kermit the Frog's Ode to Miss Piggy

Squealings, nothing more the squealings....

I'll stop there :escape:

Yeah, that sounds like me.

Typically I just turn popular songs into smut. Doesn't every bloke do that? Smut and toilet humour.

eg Love song, "you" rhymes with "poo." "Me" rhymes with "pee."

I don't expect everyone to be at my level of genius and maturity though. :P:laugh:

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