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Power Tracks Pro Audio problem

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I downloaded power tracks pro audio and can't get sound. I just have listed the two basic midi inputs that come with windows. Asio is enabled. I have no idea what to do from this point to fix it?

ASIO Driver warning for ASIO4All if driver is "not connected"

Sometimes the ASIO4All driver will not be connected to an audio driver and output will be silent. This is usually due to a soft synth already using the audio driver. If PowerTracks detects that ASIO4ALL isn’t connected, it will warn you about this, so you are aware of why the audio is silent.

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I checked that out when I first got it. Thought it worked very well.

But I am working on a tune now and gonna check it our again.

Definitely let you know.


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I have PowerTracks....Chris (cshude) knows the program very well. I used it for quite a while and then switched to Cakewalk/Sonar programs because that's what my guitar teacher used.

PowerTracks has some great features....I used it in conjunction with Band in a Box, which I still use. It has a vocal harmonizer which is popular.. Basically you choose your audio track to harmonize..yhou decided what kind of harmony you, male or female voice etc. I like the way it displays the chord sheets. I'm not sure if it is the same when you generate them in PowerTracks...but it imports my chords from my Band in a Box file. I do miss that feature with the Sonar program.

The only complaint about PowerTracks is that it doesn't support VSt's or it be VSTi's. I know I have the Jamstix drumming program and I can't us it in PowerTracks. So, it depends on what you want to do for recording. This limitation may be okay for you?


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