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Fretsource's lessons - Interval ear trainer upgrade

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Hi all. Just letting you know I've upgraded my interval ear trainer. This main difference is that this one includes more settings such as descending melodic intervals and random roots and it can also keep score of your answers, giving you a better idea of your ability at any given level of difficulty.

It can also name the notes that form the intervals, so it's useful for anyone who doesn't know what the interval names mean. They can try to identify the notes instead, while getting to know the interval names.

INTERTRAIN - Interval Ear Training and Testing

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Looking forward to trying it out. It was already the best tool of it's kind on the Internet, these updates must put it right out in a class of its own.

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Thanks for the feedback folks. Much appreciated and I'm glad to see it's still working :)

The idea for this upgrade came from someone who posted a while back asking how to use the old one if you don't know what the intervals mean. Good point. If you don't know what a perfect fifth means, you can't name it when you hear one.

So I've included note names as well as interval names. Anyone not familiar with those interval names can see the lower note and name the upper note instead, and then click the corresponding interval name to input their answer. Eventually they'll get to associate the sound with the interval type. Well that's the theory, anyway :yes:

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