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Martin DM $$$$$$$$$

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Perhaps someone can help me out here?

I'm planning to buy a new acoustic guitar.

But after several visits at the guitar shop i keep returning to a Martin DM. wich I think has a great sound, but only has one problem.....Yep the price, about 900 Euro's i think that's about the same in Dollars!!!

But I don't want that amount of money to spend on a guitar.

Now i have a washburn WD-42S. i think a great guitar for rythm playing but for fingerstyle it misses the balans between the higs and lows.

Any suggestions for a guitar that has a simular sound/ feel like Martin?

Thanks for your suggestions:)

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I dont have a whole lot of experience so take this for what its worth...

I spent a lot of time at Guitar Center last week playing all kinds of guitars. Now my ears aren't really "trained" to pick up the subtle differences of each brand, wood, body style, etc... but I know nothing in that place sounded quite like a Martin. There are however more inexpensive Martin guitars. I think the DX series is the low cost but still decent quality line of Martins.

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