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Not sure which guitar to get

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Hey guys

I really really want to play the electric guitar. I love american punk bands, some rock bands, metal,

alternative, indie. Blink 182, Alkaline Trio, Goldfinger, Fightstar, Korn, Angels and Airwaves, Guano Apes, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight loads more.. Although my favorite style is Punk. I also really like Joe Satriani. I think he's an amazing guitar player.

I'm not sure which guitar to get.

I really like the look of Fender Strat and Ibanez.

I'm not too sure on quality.

Here's some answers to the questions on the sticky:

"Why do you want to play guitar?" : So I can play like my favorite guitar players.

"What do you want from playing guitar?" : Fame... Just kidding :D. I really want to learn songs and with that I will feel really good about myself for doing it. I actually just learned the chords of a song today and it felt really rewarding.

"How much time and dedication will you have for this? Will this be the SOLE focus of your recreational time?" : YES, I will play it whenever I want to play it (Anytime). I will learn as many songs as I can and perfect them.

"What is your attitude about the fees associated with starting a new hobby? Do you look for the cheapest thing betting you can make it work? Do you go straight for the most expensive/best thing betting that will give you a short cut to good results?" : Hmmmm... I'm not really sure. I'd like a good guitar, but not a monster guitar. Just one that will allow me to the play the songs I love.

I have about £200-£250 ($400-$450~) on the guitar itself, then I'll need an amplifier(?). I can boost it if I need to.

Thanks :smilinguitar:

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So you want real versatility.

Hmm. I'd google Rob Math and find what sort of guitar he uses, and buy as close to that as you can. It's an Ibanez (RG I think). Anyway, he demos lots of different products in lots of different styles on that one guitar. That would go great for Satriani, Blink 182, Korn, etc.

If I was going to play punk especially, I'd look for a copy or squier version of a 72 Telecaster Deluxe. It has 2 humbuckers and is just made for the kind of punk I like:

.:: Fender®.com ::.

I love Strats (my fave actually), but for the stlyes you like I'd be going Ibanez, or possibly Tele, but not a hotrodded Mexican Tele, you want more bite than that. Actually, there is a Sum41 Squier coming out...Could be perfect for you!

Squier Telecaster Deryck Sum 41 Black - Nevada Music

It is actually a modified version of the 72 Deluxe!

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