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Pinless or pin bridges

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G'day, and welcome to the forum.

Can't say I've ever heard any criticism of either style of bridge. Originally all strings were tied at the bridge. Then pins came along and everyone accepted that pins were the way to go. And of course they're quick and easy to use. There'll be purists who'll argue to the death about what sort of material to use for the pins and how it affects the sound ... if you wait for that argument to be settled you'll never buy a guitar.

Attaching the string without using pins is fairly rare for steel strings, and there'll be differences of opinion on this issue for the next 100 years. But considering that classicals don't use pins, I can't see that the difference in tone would be even measurable, let alone audible.

If I liked the sound and feel of a guitar, I wouldn't care how the strings were attached.

If someone then told me their guitar sounded better than mine because of the bridge pins, I'd have to remind them that guitars are all different, and humans are all different, and music is in the ear of the beholder.

Must stop now ... I'm starting to rant. Good luck with your buying, learning and playing, and keep in touch.

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Thanks for the replies! I had play guitars with pins and no pins and I can say that these guitars sound great but different. I was just wondering why some guitars were built that way, differently. Anyways, I'll try playing different guitars and see what's best for me.

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