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A Mini Voice Lesson. Let's sing about talking.

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:) No that is not my dyslexia! That is a technique my voice teacher showed to me that i am sharing with you.

There are some singers here and these 3 tips can help you reach notes you may be struggling with.

1. You have probably heard it said that you need to open your throat to sing. at least in the chest voice. The deep tones in other words.

It has been described as the feeling of swallowing a boiled egg. etc. What does that mean. How do you do it.

Try this. Put your index finger across your throat just below your adams apple. Not too hard. Now concentrate on making your adams apple press down towards your collar bone.

You should feel resistance against your finger. Feel how your throat expands. Sing a note normally and then with the adams apple pushed towards your chest. You should hear a deeper tone. This is the throat shape all singers should have and hold at all times, when singing, unless they are naturally gifted with a perfect voice.

Practice pushing the adams apple down against your index finger. It is a form a isometrics. You are building the muscles needed to hold your throat open for long periods of time when you sing.

The muscles used in singing can be developed.

2. Singing is about pushing air. Power and clarity comes with volume at first. That means breathing from the abdomen. Pushing out the air like you would tense your stomach for a punch. There is a reason why so many opera singers have such huge bellies. This is it. We don't need this much so hopefully we won't have to look like a squash.:yes: to sing well.

That ties into this point. Push through the hard parts!! Is there a note or word in a tune where the pitch changes enough that it makes you struggle?

Breath before you get to that point so that you have the maximum of air to push or power your way through it. Sing a long line and listen to the tone of the last word. Do it on one breath. Now do the same thing but, take another breath just before you get to the hard part. Listen to the difference.!! You are much more likely to hit the note you want to with clarity and power. Push from the belly.

Sing loudly with volume. This gives you the basics. Then you can reduce the volume without losing the clarity and power.

3 This is the fun part. My teacher has many child students. When they first come to her they squeak like mice. She tells them to do the above and to sing rather than talk their brothers or sisters out of their rooms. In a couple of months the kids are sounding like. The Charge Of The Valkyries. :claping: GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW, OR I WILL KILL YOUUUUU!!!. It works. The same muscles used to yell at someone are involved in singing. Breathing from the belly, pushing the air out.

When my wife calls me to do something which is constant. I sing. HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY. Haha. It gets you used to singing with power and losing some of your self consciousness about it. Not an idea to do this outside if you live cheek to jowl with your neighbours

My singing improved quite a bit with these 3 tips. Especially pushing through the hard parts. I can now hit notes that I couldn't quite get and it removed the nerves warble that most of us beginning singers have.

An easy way to prove this is to try and sing two octaves on one breath. Now sing again, taking another breath just before you start to struggle. You should be able to add another couple of notes or more.

Hope this gives you a leg up in your singing.

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