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Thin tone on the E

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mdsmith    0

This kind of goes with the previous post, but I'm having trouble getting good clean tone on the high E. It is an 11 right now and I'm usig a thick dunlop and a cordiciden bottle slides. This guitar isnt just for slide so I don't want the action to high of the strings too heavy. Anyone else have this problem?

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Kirk Lorange    128

You're going to have a hard time getting a good solid note without going up in gauge. I use a 16 myself ... no need to go that heavy, but 12 is a s low as I ever used. I think you'll find that you'll get used to heavier strings and you're finger will increase in strength ... give it a whirl.

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I imagine it varies from setup to setup but I've been trying to fine tune three different solid bodies to play slide and fret. My fret hand was injured years ago and I have nerve damage in the fingers and diminished strength in that hand. I read somewhere that Derek Trucks uses light strings and low action on his SG so I decided to experiment to find a setup that would ease up on my hand. To get to the point the first sign of life I found on my high E strings was at .012.

Other factors figure in too. Higher action helps bring the high E to life. So does greater string tension. You might try tuning up a half step. If it is sitting a little lower than the string next to it (most of 'em are) the high E will bleed off sustain and clarity if you're playing a two or three string chord with the slide. To fix that will probably take a new nut and carefully setting the individual string heights. Sometimes it takes some careful work and sometimes you pick up a beater guitar that's just right the way it is.

Good luck. Just don't give up. Keep experimenting and you'll get it to work.

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