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How Do You Download Plug-ins?

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I have Band in a Box and Power Tracks, but they don't seem to have plug-in subfolders. Both programs allow you to add them though. Where should I save them so they will recognized by both programs. I think I would use it more in Power Tracks, then with BIAB.



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Hi Nutty, If I'm not mistaken BIAB plug-in's go in your BB folder, mine is in C drive and listed as BB. According to their site{if I understand correctly}, you download the file directly to that folder or elsewhere if desired, and then open the file and follow the steps. Again I may be wrong as I'm just learning this as well. Sorry I don't use Power Tracks, so no help there from me.

Don't know if you've been there yet or not,but here's the link..What I mentioned, I found under support Tech FAQ.

PG Music Inc. - Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks Pro Audio, and More...

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