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12-String Guitar Tuner

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Starscream    0

I'm just in the process of buying my first 12 string acoustic. I don't know much about 12 strings, so can anyone suggest a tuner that will work on all 12 strings?

I was looking at a Korg LCA120, but have no idea if that'll work or not :laughingg:

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you're gonna love it. my 12 is my flagship guitar and is the only one that i would never ever even concieve of getting rid of. contrary to popular belief i find the 12 string easier to play and more forgiving however if you plan on picking or playing a lead part it can be a little cumbersome but resonates like nothing else. barre chords sound different on a 12 and are a little harder to nail down but there are certainly ways to cheat or have short cuts...

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starsailor    20

My 12 string's currently acting as a six string but I'm looking at another guitar so I can put it back to it's proper use it's a Yamaha and sounds really nice, good luck with yours Starscream they do give you a great sound:winkthumb:

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