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Age Diversity

What age bracket do you fit into?  

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  1. 1. What age bracket do you fit into?

    • Aged between 10 and 15
    • Aged between 16 and 21
    • Aged between 22 and 30
    • Aged between 31 and 40
    • Aged between 41 and 50
    • Aged between 51 and 60
    • Aged between 61 and 70
    • Aged 71+

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62 same as my IQ. Many adventures behind and many more in the future.

It is a shame youth is wasted on the young .:isaynothing::burst::boxing:


Youth is not really wasted on the young. Some take advantage of youth and keep level headed and learn and absorb common sense, some take advantage of spreading there wings and other things and have a ball. I'm of the latter, but I don't regret any of it.:yeahhh::smilinguitar::winkthumb:

I'm 55 & a half now. And I'm, as my lovely wife says "Digressing":winkthumb:

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that smiley face thing that keeps stretching its leg a zooming off is crazy i could stare at it for hours

Ah yes little notehopper, it is written in the ancient manuscripts that you have too much time on you hands, either that or you are in a hypnotic trance because of the sibliminal messages given off by the stretchy leg. The only other way one could watch that for hours is if their consciousnessness had been altered by abduction by space aliens using special brain implants. I suggest that you make for yourself a pyramid shaped hat made of tin foil so that the influencing brain beams cannot affect you and make you watch this icon for hours. It is for your own good.:poke::whip::jawdrop:


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just hit 56, oooooooooooohhh that hurts!!! Unfortunately, I feel that I probably need about 30 years of practice until I get to where I want to be with the guitar. Let's see.........that would make me..............oh, just forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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54 1/2 , #1 & #2.

I'm stealing this from my friend Crusty, but it fits me. "My goal is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather skid in sideways, totally worn out, beat to hell shouting holy crap, what a ride!!" So far the plan is working.

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I'm surprised there are so many people like me between 40 and 60 when the reflexes are gone.

I know what you mean about the reflexes. I started when I was 12, now I'm 51. I'm definitely not as fast as I once was.

But fast is definitely not everything, unless you're one who wants to learn how to shred.

The holy grail of tone is found while learning to play slowly and musically!

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Turned 71 last April. I'm now Robert's oldest guitar student. Reflexes? What're those? They'd come in handy, I suppose, as I recently traded a canoe for my son's banjo, and had my first lesson today. How different is that?!

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