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Kirk Lorange

Three new Christmas carols

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You probably thought I've been changing diapers and rocking baby Georgia to sleep for the last while ... well, I have been doing that, but I've also been thinking of you guys and gals and Christmas coming up so I put three new Christmas Carols together for you. Well, two, but a couple different versions of one of them.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - what a familiar melody this is to most of us, eh? We've only heard it 6 billion times, over the radio, at home, in TV ads but mostly in shopping centers coming through the muzac speakers between Nov 1 and Dec 25.

I did two versions of this the Easy version and the Tricky version. The easy version is pretty easy, the tricky version is pretty tricky.

I also found that another nugget -- We Wish You a Merry Christmas -- was composed in the 1500's, so well and truly Public Domain. I think we've heard it 7 billion times. I did a pretty straight forward version of it, just a couple little speed bumps, but nothing you can't force your fingers to comply with.

The paid downloadable lessons each have a half speed movie included, and both full and half speed high resolution movies have the animated fretboard showing you exactly how to finger it all. You'll also find the Guitar-Pro file, two midi files (full and half speed, great to practice to) tab/notation and the MP3. You'd be doing yourself and the site a favor by downloading them. Click the link under the movie to do so.

You can purchase them here.

I'm also in the next few days going to do some quick strumming versions of some Christmas carols so that on top of doing a fingerstyle recital of them (which will certainly impress), you can be the band while everyone sings along.

Here they are again:

God Bless Ye Merry Gentleman - Easy

God Bless Ye Merry Gentleman - Tricky

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Have fun!

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Thanks Kirk,

I needed that. There is a tune done by Peter,Paul and Mary called

A Soalin. It has a totally different jive but in the tune they use this toward the end. Now I know how to do it.

Check this out if you like you might find it interesting.

YouTube - A' Soalin' - Peter, Paul & Mary

This is the second tune I learned form Steve years ago, but never know how to get that part in there.

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These are three good carols for Christmas time. Where you find time to pull it all together I don't know but great that you were thinking of us - Thanks so much!

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Thanks Kirk, that should round out my Christmas reportoire nicely. It sounds like playing the easy version of "god rest ye" and then the tricky version might work good.

What happened to "white Christmas"? Not public domain? I learned it last year, loved the arrangement, and planned on "relearning" it again this year (Christmas songs are strange to play out of season..)

Can anyone help me out?

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