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GFBB Yearly Awards????

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Maybe the awards could be just more a bit of fun than anything too serious.

Or maybe we could vote on things like... the best post of the year, the most helpful thread of the year, the silliest post of the year (we all know who would be in the running for that one)... something like that?

I think song of the year and player of the year and that kind of things might cause a bit of friction and that's the last thing we want.


I think Clancy may have a very good idea here , rather than who is this or that ..

Things such as

Funniest post

Most informative post

Best Joke <--- mine was deleted LMAO

Best innovation

I think we could have a special award for Clancy and Kirk for supplying us a great place to interact .. Umm like sending Clancy 50 PMs per day for a week from 44,000 members I know she would really enjoy that ..:):) I won't have to change anything there as I think its' already around the 50 per week already :):)

But little things like mentioned might be fun ...

One thing that would be cool and not because I have been involved in about 5 ..Would collab of the year , I have only played on 2 so it would bring beginners into the family a bit more as someone has to write lyrics , sing , mix , play ....

Of course these are just my ramblings and I promised a certain person , I was not going to be so annoying anymore ....

I break promises all the time though :)


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Well, Sunday is certainly going to be your day ..... Horrie.

GFB expects. :winkthumb:

Yes Trafalgar Days good, it was going to become a National Holiday but the idea was scuppered because our Government was worried about offending the French which is a bit harsh considering I died stopping the blighters from continuing attempts to invade us, that Napoleon had a real Attitude problem, I didn't ask Hardy to Kiss me by the way I said Kismet Hardy, I think the guys hearing had been affected by the Cannons, that's not good for my image and his breath wasn't the freshest I've come across.

Joking aside I like Clancy's idea it's more light hearted so in keeping with the spirit of the site.

I think there should be a Category for worst haircut, certain Members have been sporting some rather dodgy hairdo's of late.

My joke was deleted as well Hilch, it wasn't even that good but I am flattered to be considered risque.;)

Have a good Trafalgar Day, I'm proud of Nelson he deserves recognition.

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Have a good Trafalgar Day, I'm proud of Nelson he deserves recognition.

Thanks for that and you too. I just pay my respect from home these days. (The Lord of the Admiralty I now serve has explained in gruesome detail where my Kismet is going to be if I attend anymore Trafalgar night dinners) :helpsmili:dunno:

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I never win anything so I'm not going to participate.

Trev would no doubt hog up all of the awards anyway.


The only one I would win Skip would be the most annoying poster ...

Maybe I would be in the running for best cooked meal with Marmite but thats it ..

I know nothing about guitar , I can't sing , I don't offer suggestions on how to play better ....

I just annoy everyone :):)::)

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I have been following this thread and have been a little reluctant to post an opinion, but what the heck.

Recognition is usually a good thing and can come from various directions. When a poster's questions are answered that is recognition, when a posted song (lyrics) or music is listened to and a response is made that is recognition also.

I also believe that when awards are presented there are winners and that automatically creates losers.

I believe that the strength of this forum is the open, honest and supportive climate that has been created and I would hate to see that compromised in any way.

Just MVHO.

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Wow looks like I have stired up a hornets nest!

Firstly my appologies for some people getting the wrong idea over my thoughts. My intentions were always to reward some of the people who go the extra mile on this site. The motivator for this was the hours of work that one of the members placed into the chat room, I truely believe that we do need to reward members like this as they are the ones responcible (along with mods, Clancy & co) for the progress that has happened to the comunity.

I must admit that I do not see the point raised by some that they would feel like a loser if they did not "win" certain categories. I know for a fact that I would never be picked compaired to some of the great talent that frequents the site but does that make a loser? Well I guess we can all form our own opinions but I would never feel that I am loser. In my opinion this would only suit to raise my game and make me a little bit better than I was before I started. I supose I am a glass half full person.

Thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts on this its been a very interesting read. I must stress again that these are only my thoughts and I and am not trying to dig at anyone as my writen word can often be misinterpreted.

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I for one don't think you need to apologize for anything. You had what may be a great idea and you shared it with us in good faith. You have received what I would consider good feedback and considering the vast range of personalities that frequent this forum, an honest and open opinion. Thank you for being considerate of those that do so much for this site and for us. I do think that should be recognized, just not sure if this is the manner.

Please keep including us in your thoughts, it is always a pleasure to hear your opinions.

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Hi Krissovo, +1 to what Knight said, it was well intended and Clancy, Kirk, The Mods and a variety of members work really hard to make this site the best, and Skynet deserves a big vote of thanks for the work he put in with the Video/chatroom, I must get my act together and get in there. The thread opened up a good debate unfortunately it was a bit one sided, that's why I thought a poll might get a better guage of opinion.

Hope you're in good form and that the Band is progressing well.



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