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Installing Pickups

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ajj    0


Recently I bought an Ibanez body and 3 very nice Seymour Duncan pickups off ebay with the intention of soldering them myselves. I have the wiring diagrams, which don't look too scary, but have little experience of soldering and keep putting this job off.

Would you advise that I got a specialist to do it ?, if you reckon an amateur could do the job can you recommend any sites were I can get some 'soldering for dummies' advice, especially with regard to pickups.



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nagukush    0

I personally feel that a specialist might be better, but again there's nothing wrong in learning new things (but not at the cost of performance). Regd the info u asked, i'll get back to ya with some resources:) Have a nice day !



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Oh yeah, you can do it. I'm horrible at soldering and I've swapped dozens of pickups, switches, pots, etc. Google 'how to solder' and there's a ton of info out there. The best advice I'd give you is to practice. The hardest part of a pickup swap is attaching the ground to the back of a pot. That pot surface is a large surface to heat up before the solder will flow. That's the really challenging part in this operation.

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i agree with ugb practice on a couple pieces of scrap wire, its easy to do, but then ive been doing it for years, been playing around with electronics since i was 15, dont over use the solder, a little goes a long way, u dont want a big glob of it after ur done, and make sure to hold the wires together long enough for the solder to cool, the solder joint should look bright and shinny when ur done, if its dul looking then u have what is called a cold solder joint and it needs to be redone


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